Tony Moly

by Julia

I first came across Tony Moly products while walking through Sephora. I saw these little bunny shaped lip glosses and thought they were the cutest things ever. After looking into more of the South Korean brand’s products online and reading reviews, I am very anxious to get back to Sephora and grab a few items. Not only do all of the products come in the most adorable packaging but at very affordable prices too! Below are some cult favorites of the brand and some I am just dying to try.

Petite Bunny Gloss Bar ($9): This is the first Tony Moly product I saw and is an obvious favorite in all of the reviews I’ve come across. This lip gloss comes in a wide variety of colors and can be built to a more opaque shade or just swiped on for some shine.61lSy+bdCxL._SL1024_

Backstage Gel Eyeliner ($14): Another brand favorite, this gel eyeliner is said to be extremely smooth and long lasting. Also being sweat and water resistant is what puts this product on my list. tony-moly-backstage-gel-eyeliner-11-diva-gray-4g-free-samples_zpsc75dfe5b

Peach Hand Cream ($12): This hand cream is also raved about online and is said to moisturize hands with “peach, apricot, and shea butter extracts.” And it comes in a peach shaped container- I mean come on. tony-moly-peach-hand-cream_3

Strawberry Jam Sugar Scrub ($17): I love sugar scrubs for exfoliating and this one contains strawberry extract and real strawberry seeds as well. For more sugar related products, check out their Kiss Kiss lip scrub and Gold Black Sugar Mask1405389776_l1

Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch ($4): This strawberry scented lip patch is said to leave lips soft and hydrated from the mask’s “bearberry leaf extract, black berry extract, blueberry extract, and strawberry extract.” I’ve never used a lip patch or mask but would love to give this one a try! KISS_KISS_LOVELY_LIP_PATCH_SS0501420

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Smorgasburg: Brooklyn Bridge Park

by Julia


{Elle, me, Taylor} My dress is from Brandy Melville and my sunglasses are from Quay.

One of the best things about New York in the summer time is Smorgasburg. Smorgasburg is pretty much an 8 month long food festival that “showcases 100+ local and regional food vendors to upwards of 10,000 visitors, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brooklyn.” Last year my friends and I went to the Williamsburg Smorgasburg and this year we gave the Brooklyn Bridge Park location a try. As expected everything we ate that day was amazing. There are foods from practically every country represented as well as upscale comfort food and other foodie favorites available (think grilled corn on the cob, mangos with chili powder on sticks, buttery lobster rolls, and the best mac & cheese).

Brooklyn Bridge Park Smorgasburg

Brooklyn Bridge Park Smorgasburg

Manhattan from Brooklyn

Manhattan from Brooklyn

This year I had a super refreshing rose water lemonade which was just what I needed because the day my friends and I picked to go to Smorgasburg was one of the hottest of the summer. I also had a Brazilian street food inspired burger which was incredible.  I’m not 100% sure of what they put on it but I would recommend it to everyone. For dessert, I had a ice cream cookie sandwich from the Good Batch which was a great combo of salty and sweet. If you are in New York between April and November make sure to check out the Brooklyn Flea and one of the Smorgasburg locations!IMG_0119



Current Favorites: Skin Care

by Julia

I have super sensitive skin so too many beauty or facial products can easily irritate it. Lately I’ve been sticking to a few products which I love more each time I use them- check them out below!

Origins Modern Friction ($20-40): My mom and I used to use Modern Friction all the time before we got our Clarisonics (which we adore), but I have recently gone back to using this exfoliating face scrub a few times a week. It leaves my skin incredibly soft and is perfect after hot, sticky days as it is a quite a bit rougher than my Clarisonicorigins-modern-friction-dermabrasion

La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream ($85-465): While I don’t usually buy the expensive full sized La Mer products I do tend to use up all of the samples my mom and I grab after we visit the La Mer counter… And I hate to say it, because the products are extremely pricey, but they really do live up to all of the hype behind the brand. I use this cream under my eyes and it’s more hydrating than anything else I’ve ever used while still managing to feel

Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask ($25): I absolutely love using this charcoal mask when I’ve had a long day or a hard work out. It leaves my skin feeling super clean and helps to clear up break outs fast while still being gentle enough to use a few times a

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion ($5.29): I first borrowed this lotion from my roommate and immediately became obsessed with it. Nothing leaves my skin as soft and I swear it keeps my legs smooth for days. Plus I love the warm, almost musky/spicy scent it has compared to all of the other fruity or floral options out there. k2-_c05adff4-55a8-44bd-9b52-62d93ce2093c.v5

Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil ($8): Even though this is not really a skin product, I have been loving this hair oil. It smells amazing and has been leaving my hair insanely soft. I also feel better about any heat damage I’ve done to my hair after I add a few drops of this to my ends. 2234677


A Packed Party

by Juliapackedparty2

Today while I was thinking about sending one of my best friends from high school an “I Miss You” card, I stumbled upon a really cool service called Packed Party. Packed Party is a site that sends out special curated care packages for you that are practically little parties in a box! Packages range from birthday wishes, get well soon, miss you, congrats, thank you, breakup condolences, and pampering with each box full to the brim with individual themed goodies. Some of my favorite items include a Kate Spade note pad, champagne flavored candies, a to-go mug covered in gems, and a “Confetti & Stuff” makeup pouch. The 8 Signature Packages range from $49 to $52 but there are 2 smaller Liddle Bit of Party Packages for $30! I love the idea of giving these cute packages as a surprise in the mail on special occasions or just as a pick me up for long distance friends!

Birthday Beb

Birthday Beb

Miss Ya!

Miss Ya!

You Pampered Thing, You

You Pampered Thing, You

Feel Bedda

Feel Bedda

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Host Gift Guide

by Julia

Just last weekend I visited my boyfriend and his family in Arizona, and one of the things on my mind before the trip was what I was going to bring as a host gift. Naturally, I ended up bringing cupcakes for both his mom and dad, but it got me thinking about what else makes a good host gift besides dessert (mine melted a bit in the Arizona heat…). Below are few items from Anthropologie that I think any host or hostess would appreciate receiving- plus they are all under $35!

Celestial Coaster Set ($32): Not only are coasters practical, but these are unique and eye catching. My mom has a dark blue set and they make all cocktail parties and hors d’oeuvre spreads more appealing.973646_068_b

Resplendent Cheese Knives ($32): This three piece set is perfect for anyone who likes to entertain or for those who may not have a nice set themselves.34445858_014_b2

Marbled Cheese Board ($32): Or for those that already have too many sets of cheese knives, this cheese board is neutral enough for almost any home but is still one of a kind. 33765454_014_b

Metallic Playing Cards ($18): I love the idea of giving a game for a gift to those, again, who may not have bought it for themselves. It also gives the group an activity to look forward to during the visit. 30566921_070_b

Capri Blue Jar Candle ($28): This is my all time favorite candle; it’s refreshing and pleasant without being overly strong or offensive. The minimalistic packaging also is appropriate for any household. A19851559_041_b


**this post was not in any way sponsored by Anthropologie**

Collages with Washi Tape

by Julia


Spending the summer in New York has pretty much been nothing but positive. I love my internship, I get to hang out with my school friends and not have to worry about class, and I get to explore Manhattan. The only real negative this summer has been my on-campus housing strictly because of the fact that the summer housing at my school is in the smallest freshman dorm on campus… Thankfully I do have air conditioning and a sweet as pie roomie but I am beyond excited to move into my beautiful senior apartment this coming week. With the up coming move looming, I’ve been thinking of fun and easy ways to decorate my new bedroom and came across collages with washi tape.




Washi Tape is a much cuter version of regular tape that comes in a ton of different patterns and finishes- the idea of tape appeals to me because (1) tape won’t damage the walls and (2) I am not overly artistic. I love the idea of an easily constructed collage that will look much cooler and trendy when compared to my usual pictures crookedly hanging with scotch tape on the back. You can even make the tape into a sort of frame.


Below are some of my favorite art prints to put on display from Society 6. I would also include personal snap shots of my friends and family and posters in a range of sizes.








Outfit Inspiration: Fashion Industry Internship

by Julia

This summer I have been very fortunate to work in a stylish environment, but coming up with fashionable outfits every morning isn’t always easy. Lately I have been going on Pinterest for outfit ideas and will search an article of clothing I have in my closet to see what others are pairing it with. Below are a few outfits I found on Pinterest that I would definitely wear to a day at Cosmo!